Sunday, January 24, 2016

Needle felted Yorkshire Terrier


Needle felted miniature Yorkie
He is about 12.7 cm tall and he is waiting to be adopted.
If you like him you can contact me over ETSY

This needle felted Yorkshire Terrier Miniature dog is needle felted with merino wool

This little sweet Yorkie is looking for a good home.
He is very sweet with is own personality.
Would you like to adopt him ?

He is made in germany and handmade,one of a kind yorkie.This would be a nice gift to pet lovers.

I create my puppies out of merino wool, each with his own personality and unique character.
I put a little piece of my soul into every dog I create.
All of my dogs are handmade needle felted creations.

I created this little unique wool miniature out of merino wool.
His legs, back and neck are bendable.
This way, they may be very gently positioned.

My dogs are special and each one of them has their own charm.They are collector's item, not a toy.