Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This is a needle felted long haired chihuahua called Tiberius

This needle felted long fur chihuahua is called Tiberius is looking for a good home. He is a realy cute, but somtimes stubbern littel dog. He has a little dog bone pendant around his neck.You can adopt this cute chihuahua.

The craft I use to make my felt dogs is needle felting. It is a time consuming craft and takes many, many hours to complete a model.
He is very sweet with his own personality.

Would you like to adopt him ?

He is one of a kind chihuahua.

I create my needle felted dogs out of merino wool and corriedale wool .Each dog has with his own personality and unique character.
All of my dogs are handmade needle felted creations

Measurements (Approx.):

6 Inches Heigh
8 inches Long

The delivery time for USA- 25-30 days.
The delivery time is different for different countries.

Product Care: Do not wash, or dry clean

Please - Do not pull her wool fibers !
This figure is not a toy for small kids.
Keep away from pets.

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